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Why Hire on TovBan

Know who you hire
Know who you hire

Know who will work for you by reviewing their work portfolio, ratings, and identity.

Secure your payment
Secure your payment

Pay only when you receive and approve your work.

Consolidate your search
Consolidate your search

Find skills and talent from over 15+ industries - all in one platform.

Streamline hiring process
Streamline hiring process

Connect, interview, negotiate and communicate real-time with freelancers.

Flexibility in budget
Flexibility in budget

Find quality services to fit whatever your desired budget is.

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For Freelancers

The word “work” is no longer a 9 to 5 job. The possibilities of Freelancing are endless. You can now become self-employed with your talents and the internet, access the market through TovBan and start working online.

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