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I have been working with local NGO for 12year to help many people to have their own house and getting jobs, I also working as a Secretary job and General Manager in different company as well.

I can draw well but not good at painting

I been drawing and learning art for 4 years all my own. I can do _NFSW/SFW _Furry _Human both Male/Female _Also live still animation

i can work with TVC-Storyboard, Film Storyboard, Animation-Storyboard, art splash, Digital Painting, comic, Documentary book, Character Design, Concept design, and more about art.

+ Drawing: sketching, drafting, portraits.+ Painting: Watercolors, Oil painting, Acrylic painting, p

i can make you a complete 3D characters both stylized and realistic with well-optimized polygon counts for your commercial used or for your projects.

Good to create the project conception and directing.

I have experience about translating by translate gaming category, edit video and making poster.

I have graduate at RUPP, and I have to do a project presentation with teacher a bout ecommerce website and I have successes with my project. And my fil project is FrontEnd.

i can do digital painting both portrait and landscape, in semi realistic and anime style.I can do Fanart ,Book cover and different illustrations. For Graphic design i can do Poster...i better at classic style

Well I am quiet good at drawing and painting since I love drawing when I was primary and my major is Interior Design, so we always hand drawing or painting. Moreover I working on poster a lot for our program to post on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google form and YouTube. During working at STEM field we I also working on Khmer translation for official etc.

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer.