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Helping clients create/translate/simplify the contents that related to Health Problem. Translating Drug Leafltet ( For Pharmaceutical Company) from English to Khmer and French to Khmer. Fact Check

i know how difficult you are facing to find a consultant doctor or physician during Covid 19 outbreaks , i am here to help you about all issues you have , just contact me via phone you can get freely

Punctuation, General tone and style, Ability to write crisp and clean copy, Ability to conduct research and develop it into new material, Grammar and so on.

I am the best on mental health counseling because I finish master degree of clinical and counseling psychology at Royal University of Phnom Penh. I worked as psychologist/counselor for 7 years in 3 Non-government organization.

I have master degree in mental health counseling and I volunteered for one year at TPO Cambodia. I work with client with depression and general anxiety. I am able to provide family therapy. I've work for ten year at ministry of women's affairs. I produced short video and writing Khmer article about Cambodia women. I aim to strengthen my skill in gender mainstreaming to sub national. Thus, I decided to move to live in Kohkong. Moreover, I am passionate in translation document from English to Khmer as well because I use to translate ASEAN related to research finding base on women and human rights. In addition, I am willing to translated document related to mental psychology field. Finally, being a teacher at the university related to mental health and gender issues also my passion.

I believe that I will able to help you go through your mental health issues as I will try to give you some tip and help as long as you need

My major is in medicle field and I also love writing. I can say that I can type fast both in khmer and english langueges.

As I am a medical student, I meet a lot of different people from different fields. So, I used to join many projects which are not only in school and try my best to do all those works even I'm not good or expert in it.

Even though I am in a medical school, I am sure that I am very patient. I have met many kind of people. Also, I care about my patients and clients. I will make sure I do every work with love.

Patient consultation to find out health problems in order to find a right diagnosis and treatment. Medicine usage counseling and follow up health condition.