Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section – it may help explain how TovBan can benefit you.

TovBan is an online work platform made in Cambodia, for Cambodia. It is a place for those who need work to be able to hire those who can perform the work.

The web-platform aims to bring transactions online, streamlining work processes and securing payments.

Any work that can be done with a computer and an Internet connection, can be done on TovBan.

Need a website created? TovBan.

Need a full corporate branding for your new coffee shop? TovBan.

Need a comprehensive business plan for your company? TovBan.

Need content writing for your blog? TovBan.

Need an AutoCAD drawing of your house’s floorplan? TovBan.

Need a menu restyled and modernized for your family restaurant? TovBan.

To simplify, TovBan is a platform with two types of users – Freelancers and clients. The use of the platform vary slightly depending on which type of user you are.

If you are a Freelancer, you will:

  • 1) Create a profile, upload your resume and portfolio to display your abilities as much as possible;
  • 2) Submit and win proposals to perform projects;
  • 3) Connect, Create a contract, and communicate;
  • 4) Acknowledge payment deposit, start work;
  • 5) Submit work, receive payment.

If you are a Client, you can either:

  • 1) Create a Project Listing if you have a specific Project in mind or browse through the database of freelancing professionals and their skill sets;
  • 2) Compare and contrast freelancing professionals and select the best fit for your project;
  • 3) Connect, accept contract, and communicate;
  • 4) Make payment deposit, wait for work;
  • 5) Receive work, release payment.

To summarize:

  • 1) Client makes payment deposit according to the contract;
  • 2) TovBan holds this deposited payment, Freelancer sees payment is deposited;
  • 3) Freelancer performs work, and receives payment when work is done and approved;
  • 4) Payment is released to the Freelancer.

TovBan offers an escrow-style payment system in collaboration with ABA Bank. What this means is a Client can feel safe knowing their payment is safe with TovBan, and a Freelancer can feel safe knowing they will be compensated for their work if they perform as agreed. Win-win for both sides!

How it works - to protect both sides when they connect to work on a Project, TovBan will open a Transaction Settlement Account (“TSA”) for this Project. Any Project Fees made by the Client will be held in the TSA, which is transparent to both sides and cannot be touched until certain provisions in the Project have been triggered.

When a Client and Freelancer engage one another for a Project, you will both enter and electronically execute a legally binding Service Contract that details the Project’s Scope of Work (what specific work is required and how this work is expected to look like), Project Fees, and when Project Fees will be deposited and will be released.

The Project Fees will not be released to the Freelancer until the work has been performed in accordance with the Scope of Work agreed upon in the Service Contract.

Upon your approval, payment will be released to the freelancer.

Some work can be subjective. That is why TovBan recommends both Parties be as specific as possible when outlining a Project’s Scope of Work, and what exactly is expected.

Should a complaint be filed, Tov Ban will open our Dispute Resolution Process in order to assess the transaction and determine a fair and just outcome.

Should a Freelancer fail in their Service Contract obligations, any payment a Client make to the TSA will be refunded to the Client.

Should a Freelancer perform to the best of their ability and in accordance with the Service Contract, any payment a Client make to the TSA will be released to the Freelancer.

The Dispute Resolution Process is triggered whenever a complaint by either Party is filed, leading to an internal investigation opened by TovBan.

In this Dispute Resolution Process, TovBan’s neutral Dispute Resolution Committee will assess the Project and decide the outcome by heavily leaning on the Scope of Work in the Service Contract and comparing the Scope of Work with work the Freelancer produced.

The aim is to view whether Freelancer has defaulted on their Service Contraction obligations, or whether Client dissatisfaction is completely and unequivocally subjective.

TovBan's reach of arbitration ends at a decision to refund the Client or release the payment to Freelancer. Should either side continue to be dissatisfied with TovBan's final resolution, the Parties can continue to take the matter to the relevant Cambodian courts. TovBan is not obligated to be a part of the legal process, but we will be happy to share any requested information our platform database may have stored on the disputed matter, including but not limited to the executed Service Contract, files and documents shared, and chat conversations.

For Clients, TovBan is always free. You may have to pay any required Cambodian taxes if you are a business or payment processing fee (depending on whether you use VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay), but TovBan will never charge any transaction fee from you.

For Freelancers, a 15% charge of the project worth will be transacted.

We try to be as fair as possible when charging transaction fees, but it is how we can continue to provide this platform for Freelancers to access opportunities, digitize careers and secure payments.

We remain humbly open to feedback by the online working community.

Using TovBan can greatly simplify things. Many interactions or transactions happen every month - why not take some of them online?

We in Cambodia like to ask for reference when we need work done. Let’s say we need a logo done, and our brother-in-law knows a friend who does graphic design. Even if the quality isn’t good, we may choose the reference anyways because that’s just who we know.

At TovBan, we help consolidate freelancers for you. We vet our freelancers, ensuring the quality of workers. Then we display their profiles and portfolios, so you can compare choices and make the best hire.

Furthermore, each freelancer on our platform is asked to provide identification documents to confirm that they are in fact a real individual. Tov Ban spends time to review their application before accepting them onto the platform.

A lot of freelancers have extensive experience working for companies - as a matter of fact, when you hire professional companies, these people are the ones doing the work anyways, not the Co., Ltd. :)

After the web-platform is launched, TovBan will work on our mobile-platform in order to create broader reaches into the provinces of Cambodia, where mobile phones are more prevalent than computers. The aim is for Clients in the provinces to access high skilled professionals, who may be concentrated in Phnom Penh.

Furthermore, TovBan does not intend to stop at just being an online platform.

We will look to partner up with institutions who are interested in further the digital revolution of things in Cambodia.

We will seek to expand into the educational sector to connect with learning institutions to provide opportunities for those who want to refine their professional skills.

We will aim to align with co-working spaces and cafes around Phnom Penh and the country, to provide physical space for our online entrepreneurs to work.

Watch this space!