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Simply post a project as a Client and gain access to a talented pool of approved and verified Freelancers.

Creating and Posting Projects

Create a project within minutes, start posting as a Client, and gain free access to a talented pool of approved, verified Freelancers.

Posting a project is completely free!

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Working on Projects

Create a Freelancer profile, get approved, and start proposing for projects. Once you finish your work, the Client will approve the payment into your account.

TovBan charges 15% commission fee.


Legal protection with contracts


Deposit protected by TovBan


Dispute Resolution System


Get ratings and more exposure


Expand your portfolio

Financial Policies

It’s free to post a job on TovBan. Service providers of Freelancers absorbs a platform fee (between 10% - 15%) based on their accumulated invoice.

TovBan provides two significant benefits:

  • Secure payment with ABA
  • Business tools for income and awareness

We want to ensure that all our users are protected and happy with what they pay and earn.

Secure Payment

TovBan’s payment process is secured with ABA PayWay, using a Settlement Account (SA). This provides Freelancer a window to confirm that the Client has deposited into the SA for the work to begin according to the outline in the contract (Milestones, Scope of Work, Payment methods, etc.). Clients can choose to pay according to the Milestones agreed between the Client and Service Provider, or by a fixed one-time project fee.

The more details communicated between both parties will help avoid any disputes or disagreement. TovBan also offers a Dispute Resolution Service and a separate committee to help facilitate and give consultation on how to settle issues that may arise.

For milestone projects, a record will be shown on your personal dashboard for you to keep track on your work and deposits being made. Once each milestone has been completed, Service Providers may request for funds, which would send a notification to the Client to release funds from TovBan’s SA.

Simple and Secure Payments

TovBan offers a secure payment process for all of your projects and personal information. You can pay and deposit through:

  • ABA mobile banking
  • Other local bank transfer (1-2 business days)

Service Providers can easily collect their earnings after every milestone, when Clients release funds from TovBan’s Settlement Account.

TovBan gives our users a peace of mind, with the concept of paying for work done. Our platform work process creates a barrier to ensure that Clients do not take advantage of Service Providers, and Service Providers takes work seriously, to produce with quality according to the scope of work agreed upon.

Refund Protection

In the event that Client wants to request for refund on their deposit from TovBan’s SA, we have set a time limit to protect the Service Provider.

  1. Projects required less than 1 day to complete - 2 hours period to refund deposit
  2. Projects required more than 1 day to complete - 24 hours period to refund deposit

However, if the Service Provider are happy to give the deposit back, we can make that happen for you.

If your deposit cannot be refunded, you may request the Service Provider to complete their job to the best of their ability. You can choose to continue the next Milestones or cancel the contract before the next Milestone begins.

As for Clients, you may file a complaint if Service Providers are not producing work according to the specific detailed outline in the project contract.

Fixed-Price Protection

Deliverables: Before a project starts, Clients and Service Providers can set up Milestones. This should be clearly discussed from Scope of Work on 1st Milestone to the final Milestone before approving the project. By doing so, Clients are able to refer back to the Contract if the project does not meet the requirement. The key things to discuss are:

  1. Project Scope of Work
    1. Split into phases
  2. Milestones Timeline
    1. Periods to complete for each Scope of Work
  3. Payment
    1. How much to pay for each Milestone (Be reasonable)
  4. References of work you would like
    1. Examples of work to show the quality or standard you’re looking for

If the project meets the requirement outlined in the contract (Milestone and Scope of Work), the Client can approve fund release request sent from the Freelancer. The Client then continues onto the next Milestone.

Payment: Client and Service Provider agrees on amount of money paid towards each milestone when it is created. The Client has to deposit for the first Milestone amount into TovBan’s SA, for Service Providers to begin work. Once the project meets the requirements for the specific milestone, the Client can approve “Mark as Done” from SA to the Service Provider.

Business Tools

TovBan is a business tool for you to generate business activities. As a Service Provier once your profile has been verified, Clients can start browsing and hire you. The more you work on the platform, the more reviews and ratings you get for future references from different individuals and companies. The platform allows service providers to explore job listings as well, to be able to browse and filter who they want to work with, and what type of projects they prefer to work on. With this business tool, you are exposing yourself to the market, and building skills and references for future career or business. TovBan then strelines payments to make smart contracts and payment processing secure and effortless.

Every transaction and communications are recorded for our service providers and Clients to track and generate live summary reports. This allows Service Providers to easily file taxes, keep track of earnings, see how well they’re doing on a monthly basis through statistics, and keep evidence in case of any disputes between the parties.